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Founder, Kenneth Buckner, was fostered by his visually impaired grandmother after the deaths of his parents to gun violence in DC. Thanks to the safe and engaging environment given to him by his grandmother, Kenneth was able to push limits unexpected of him as an at-risk youth. He was given a basketball scholarship and left home for school when all odds were against him. With the love and support of his grandmother Kenneth was able to successfully travel the world playing basketball and graduated college. Kenneth and his grandmother, Ms. Webster, both inspired by their own story, decided to start a foundation that would allow more at-risk youth to be able to have a similar or better success story



 Sadly, every child isn't fortunate enough to experience the support of a caring figure, like Grandma Webster. Therefore we, The Webster Foundation, a community based organization,  strive to enhance the overall quality of life for DC's community by equipping at-risk youth with the skills and tools to be responsible self -sufficient adults, challenging and developing their perspectives of life, and serving as a bridge for them to realize and reach their highest potential.



We accomplish this by cultivating a safe and engaging environment through positive leadership, experiences, and connection while also promoting opportunities that effectively engage youth in activities that challenge them to develop skills and gain critical awareness to create a better future. 

We are the Bridge for Potential Realized

Helping to serve our community begins with support. A part of supporting community means ensuring our youth are properly prepared for their future which affects everyone as a whole.

How Can we Help You?

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