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Youth Success Program

Our Success Program is a 7 month long program that is focused on developing students in five focus areas, all of which are intended to teach students life skills that they will be able to carry forever. These focus areas include:  

  1. Health and Wellness 

  2. Education and Career Building

  3. Financial Planning 

  4. Personal Growth and Creativity 

  5. Giving Back. 

Current Operation Hours are

  •    After School: May 13-June 27   

            Tuesday & Thursday : 3:15 p.m- 7:30 p.m  

            Saturday: 10 a.m- 4.p.m

  •    Summer: June 27- December 16

         Tuesday & Thursday: 9 a.m - 4 p.m

             Saturday: 10 a.m - 4 p.m 

 Health and Wellness:

-Focuses on teaching students the fundamentals of leading a healthy life physically and mentally. This includes activities that engage in cognitions and behaviors that will improve their own health and enable students to care for others.

Education and Career Building:

-Focuses on helping students navigate their way through grade school to college or to entrepreneurship, learn about various occupations in the workforce industry, and choose the career that best fits them. Activities in this focus area include college tours and worksite tours for career exploration, advantages of certifications, and entrepreneurship. Our vision here is to make sure our youth get a head start in choosing what profession/s they want to consider and how we can best support through their journey. 

Personal Growth and Creative Development:

- Focuses on allowing students to explore their more creative interests. We begin by assessing and learning what each individual student interested in then provide them with opportunities and resources specific to that interest. Activities include creative exploration projects.

Giving Back:

- This section focuses on teaching our students the importance of community. They will be encouraged participate in charity events, and fundraising activities

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